Sunday, June 13, 2010

Like it or not the truth is the truth.

A short while ago I had made the choice to stop writing for several different reasons I will not go further into right at this point. All I can say is I wanted to make people happy and so I had stopped writing to the very few people that did pay attention to these blogs.

I have learned that you can not always make everyone happy, when you try and entertain one person another individual will not be pleased. Well, I think the number one person you need to make happy is yourself. I enjoy writing, I really do. It's very exciting to me, relieves stress, bored killer. I enjoy writing about everything. To light and happy pieces, to dark and depressing pieces and everything in between. I like writing about past experiences I would like to share or fictional pieces that are just interesting to read.

I know I'm not a very good writer by all means, but I love to learn progress in anything I like to do. Anyways I'll be continuing writing, I don't know what. Possibly, stories, poems, lyrics I don't know. A great musician has said "if you enjoy my music bang your fucking head, if not fuck off" I'm using that but about writing. Just kidding on a level, mostly the swearing, but really. If you like my blogs, continue reading them, if not. Don't read them.

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