Sunday, April 25, 2010

"You Would Do That"

Well, this will be my first time in my little life to blog. I have had friends blogged before and always loved reading them but never really thought about blogging myself until now.

The past few years I have had countless great weekends with one of my best friends Matt. We have had countless great times and memories through out our young lives really. I've known him for a good chunk of time now. We have made so many memories I can't remember all of them to be honest. Making memories with him have been great and I miss making them dearly. This weekend was the first time I've seen this dude in a while now for several different reasons, I just moved back to Glacier, WA from Vancouver, WA where i lived the past year almost, but before the year in Vancouver I was with my dad where I just moved back in with, but before moving to Vancouver I would see Matt few times out of a month on the weekends.


Anyways, this past weekend I decided to go visit my friend Matt for the weekend. I was expecting everything that what use to be, making memories, sitting around wasting our lives playing video games, drinking soda pop, eating junk food and talking about good old times that we've had. Friday late afternoon I was on my way to his dorm room located at western. I have to be honest, i was a little nervous but excited for the most part. Every mile that I have gone means one mile less to making new memories with this kid. The trip to his dorm seemed a life time really, not because I was really excited to see him, just because, well I don't really know why. Probably because it is a long drive most likely. As I got close I forgot how to get there and had to give him a call to see how I can get there, as I call I was thinking he has got to know so we are okay while being being confused on what roads to take. As he picks up I asked him the directions on how to get there. I told him the streets I was on and he did not know even though he knows downtown pretty good so how he didn't know? I don't really know, so I came up to "Indian" street where i was pretty sure to take left on. I asked him and he said yes. After I got on Indian street I knew the rest of my way so I got off the phone and I was preparing to see him.

As I got to his dorm I gave him a call and told him I was there so he can let me into his dorm. He came down and he greeted me with these exact words "At least you don't look like a fucking idiot" I chuckled and said "okay" as we got back to his room we decided to play pool and for him to give me a tour of the school until his dad picked us up about a hour later to head for his house in birch bay. About a few games of me kicking Matt's ass at pool and touring around his school his dad picked us up and headed out to birch bay.

We got to his house around 6 or so. While settling down in his house we put a pizza in the oven and watched some MMA on the DVR that he had recorded. The buzzer went off and then we both knew that we were about to sink our teeth in some pizza and cheese bread. After dinner we pulled up chairs and drinks and began to play Borderlands which was a new game he had bought days before seeing each other. We started a new game of "Borderlands" and was full of excitement not knowing how this game was going to turn out. After about a hour into Borderlands we had to go drop off Matt's dad off somewhere so we decided to get the new Mountain Dews that had been released. So we rushed to get the mountain dews and rushed home so we can continue playing borderlands. It was pretty rainy so that made me a little more happier because I love the rain no matter what. We played Borderlands a good four, fives hours I'm guessing. After the epic hours of Borderlands it got pretty late so we called it a night and went to bed and was excited for the next day of Borderlands.


I woke up to noise early Saturday morning while I lifted my head up to see where Matt was. As I went to look I saw that Matt has already gotten up and headed to the living room to watch some of his TV shows he DVR'ed the past week. I got ready for my day which consisted of, brushing my teeth and getting dressed. Much of getting ready huh? As I went into the living room the house was nicely cleaned for Matt's little sister's birthday party that they planned out this Saturday. Matt and I rushed to the xbox 360 and turned it on and played Borderlands for the first hour after getting kicked off to get ready for the party later that afternoon. As Matt and I sat on the couch while watching TV his family started to show. For some reason it is always really awkward when I'm around his family, ask me why? I'll say "I don't know" I've been around them for several times but I just can never understand why it's so awkward. While visiting with his family and enjoying the party Matt and I decided to go and play Frisbee, let me remind you that it has been raining for the past 24 hours so it is a tad bit wet outside. As we head outside and go in the back street to throw the Frisbee around and getting dirty from the puddles of water. I noticed that this has been the first time doing something active for god knows how long. I felt good and after about 45 minutes we headed back in for dinner. We ate dinner and I might add that it was fantastic. Matt's dad decided to put in the movie "Avatar" in the blu ray player for all of us to watch. "Avatar" was one of the gifts that Matt's sister got as a birthday present. I've seen it before in the theaters and I thought it was pretty good, but I did not feel like watching a three hour movie in a room that was full of people. I could hardly find a spot to sit and watch the movie so I asked Matt if he just wanted to cruise around birchbay. As we head for the car and to cruise around the birchbay we talked and enjoyed the time we have had so far. We got back and after about half an hour people started to leave. We we're both excited for people to leave so we can continue our journey in Borderlands that we've been waiting to play all damn day long. As the house got pretty empty we turned Borderlands on and continued to play. After a few hours of Borderlands we both got a little bored and headed to bed. I was a little sad because it was my last night there at the house and had to leave in the afternoon Sunday morning. So I got ready to bed and passed out pretty fast.


Sunday morning I woke up to my friend moving around in the room, what was he doing? I do not know but I think he was just leaving the room. As I got up and brushed my teeth and packed my stuff to head home I realized that this weekend has not disappointed to say the least. We made a couple new memories to add into the books and saw each other the first time in a while. As I was getting pretty sick and tired of my friends smart ass remarks I was thinking maybe this is not so bad leaving (laughing to myself.) Matt always makes smart ass remarks and says stuff that just wants to punch yourself in the face but you get use to it after a while I suppose. As we played Borderlands for the last time together for a bit before heading to meet my dad I was a little bummed out but happy at the same time.

As the drive to meet my dad I found myself cramped in the backseat with Matt and his little sister for a forty minute drive really. As I met my dad at the store I went in to try and find him. I found him and we both said our "Hello's" and talked about how my weekend went. He asked me if I wanted to get something to drink so I went over to the soft drink section and got some new mountain dews. Getting the new mountain dews felt food other then drinking them because I started this weekend off with drinking these new tasty beverages and now ending the weekend with these tasty new beverages. I enjoyed myself at Matt's, but a little glad to be back at home to continue my search for a job.

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  1. I really like this. You are such a good writer.