Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is beautiful, This is art.

"I Hope I'm Dead By The Time You Read This" - Pig Destroyer

Today is Wednesday, April 28th 2010.

I woke up this cold dark morning with drips of cold peaceful water calmly dropping from the sky, I enjoy this cold dark morning more and more from every drop of rain hitting the roof of this shack. Knowing that every single rain drop is a story of pain and grief of every single soul that cries out for help that will never be heard.

Walking down this dark path that I'm on has me thinking about every person that has walked this path before me. With every footprint there is a story, for ever story there is a tragedy, for every tragedy there is a dark hopeless soul.

Seeing my cold breath gets me thinking about how dark this night will is going to be. Sitting on a log covered in moss in the dark forest while the sun is slowly moving along behind the clouds making it come darker seconds sooner. Sitting there on the log letting every pure raindrop hit my face and a look in my eyes like there is hope in this life. Raindrops starting to fall harder as they turn evil upon impact onto my face. My eyes go colder and darker from each raindrop on me.

A loaded pistol in my lap and a bottle of holy water next to me. As I started to spread the holy water around me in a circle I kneel down and empty the bottle onto my face and the loaded pistol. As I light one candle in the middle of the circle I start to count until the candle goes out from the rain. As I count "1 ... 2... 3... 4.." and it goes out. That's how many people will be affected by what I'm about to do. As the holy water starts to mix in with the silent cold rain in the forest I lift the loaded pistol up in the air and let off a round.

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  1. Holy shit Jesse. This is really good. You know what you should do? You should go to a microsoft document and write a story and copie and paste it on here. I would read it! Holy shit. I love the ending of this. It just leaves you hangning and you have questions. I love things like this. I dont much care for dark things but this is really good. I love this.. You should seriously write a book about something like this. Use the same plot or something. Like a suicidle guy or somehting. That would be sweeet! Holy shittt i love this haha.!You are an amazing writer.