Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life sucks, I can not find a job for the life of me. I have been trying to find a part time-full time job for a very long time now. I do not know what to do now. I feel like a ghost, I don't have a lot of family but the family I do have I love. I am not asking for pitty one bit, I just need to vent at times. I really don't have a lot of people to talk to or else I would not vent to probably no one that reads these so really, I'm venting to myself. Atleast I'm talking right?


  1. Jesse, you are very much loved here, you are a part of this family and we here love you so much, you are a funny guy and you make all of us laugh here every day, we miss you when you are gone and we are excited when you come back here, Jesse you are in this family whether you like it or not lol
    Love you always

  2. Just think a while, you'll have a job and then THAT will suck!!! I'd enjoy the absence of obligation while it lasts.