Saturday, May 29, 2010

To be a Douche or not to be a Douche

I've been wanting to say my thoughts on these couple topics. I have not blogged in a while so this is a new one.

The first topic I would like to discuss is why do people sag their pants?

I can say "guilty as charge" back in middle school for just a small chunk of time. When I did it I thought I was a bad ass because that was the fashion, to "sag" your pants. When I did this idiotic thing I was listening to rap and hip-hop and thought I was a "gangster" I wish someone could have told me how ridiculous I was in middle school because I see people now and have been and thinking "Why the hell do you do that?" Really, what is the point? If anything it makes your day pretty rough when you have to put up your pants every 5 seconds. To be honest I really did not know why I was doing this in middle school, like I said it was just the "Cool" thing to do. Back then I cared what people thought of me and wanted to be in the "cool" crowd. Now, I don't really give a shit who thinks what about me. I think people that "sag" their pants should either wear a belt or suspenders, OR don't even wear pants at all. I mean really, what's the point? I really don't want to see your ass or your underwear. There is a reason why underwear is called underwear and not outer wear. It is a very ridiculous and Gross habit. There is no benefit sagging your pants. You do not look cool, you look like a damn fool. Oh, I forgot to mention did I forget to say that "sagging" your pants originated in prison? Yeah, Inmates would "sag" their pants when they are open for anal sex. So for all these kids now that "sag" their pants. I think you should all get butt fucked so hard that the semen will be backed up so much in you that you will O.D. on it.

Moving on to the second issue that bugs me. Social networks these days are pretty ridiculous. It is mostly meeting new friends but for the most part it's full of flirting. People flirt with people cross the country and they don't even know who they are really talking to are saying the most sexual things. That does not bug me though. The thing that does bug me is guys taking pictures with themselves with their shirt off showing their muscles and using that as a display picture. There are several different reasons why I get so pissed off at these kids. I laugh also but mostly annoyed. Okay, dude I know you work out but can you put a fucking shirt on and not show off how many pounds you can lift? You're trying to impress the ladies on social networks. Why can't you go to some clubs and hit up some girls if you think you're all that then going onto myspace putting up a sweaty picture of you with your shirt off flexing your muscles and trying to find the ladies. I think it's freaking stupid, every time I see that I laugh and think they're the biggest douches ever, about 90% of the male population on myspace has their naked top half of them on their page. A lot of girls don't even like muscles so I still think it's funny. If you think you're a bad ass well.. you are not my friend. You are just another case of douche in my book

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