Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Stress Relief

Since as far as I can remember I have been literaly inlove with music. Didn't matter what genre it was. I have been through a lot of genres of muisc and pretty sure I landed on a few that I will listen to most of my life. I've listen to a lot of different kinds of music. Rock, rap, hip hop, metal, oldies, punk, hardcore. A lot are sub genres but they all give me pleasure listening to them. I no listen to mostly metal and hardcore / punk now, I do listen to hip hop and rap but most of everything would be considered "oldschool" and some recent stuff.

The main thing is that I love experiencing live music and enjoy listening and finding new artists and genres. Another thing I get out of it that is almost up there with pleasure is it is a stress relief. I listen to music whenever I can. Does not matter when I'm happy, depressed, sad or any other emotions. A lot of people are sterotypical about the metal genre. Either its satan speaking to you or angry people screaming out their problems at us and any other sterotypical bullshit. Metal is a pleasure and a stress reliever. Well, all music is for pleasure and a stress reliever. I listen to different genres of music for different emotions, like for a example. When I am very angry I listen to "Today is the Day, Pig Destroyer," and other bands. When I am sad or depressed I listen to "Elliott Smith, Sunny Day Real Esate, Death Cab for Cutie" and other bands.

Does not matter what genre it is or what you think it is all I can say its a stress reliever to me. I have been mainly listening to Black Metal and Hardcore / punk. I love atmosphereic black metal, I think it is very peacefull (and evil), dark, calm (not so calm). It's probably not everyone cups of tea, perhaps, I think it's probably most of all peoples not cup of tea but I love it and that is all it matters. Hardcore and punk is the other music of choice I listen to most of the time.

I love most of all genres of music, I think I am listen to a wide range of music. If you want to check out some bands that I love to listen to look below.

Today is the Day - Angry
Pig Destroyer - Angry
Elliott Smith - Sad / depressed
Sunny Day Real Estate - Sad / depressed
Behemoth - All around moods
Himsa - All around moods
Thursday - Relaxing

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  1. KILLER!!!! Everytime I think I've got you pigeon-holed, you drop something on me like Death Cab...causing my brain to twitch in surprise. There may be hope for you yet, young padawan!! :-)