Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today I woke up to a pile of girl stuff montained ontop of me. Everything you would think was on me, clothes, music, make up, perfumes and deordiants were scattered across me. I woke up to my girlfriend rearanging her furniture in her bedroom. As I woke up, went to the bathroom and got a little something to eat I was thinking how she was going to move everything since her bedroom is as the size of a closet ... literaly. Not much room to move yourself really. She does not have a lot of furnitre really its just the furniture she does have are gigantic. As we start moving all her stuff around I remembered that I needed to look for caregiving jobs around bellingham and lyden where I could get a position with. I've done the caregiving gig before and It was pretty bad but It pays good money if you go through the right path. I have had experience before and think I can go somewhere in the career. I will always have job security because lets face it. There will always be old people galore everywhere. So I went online and found only 2 places out of probably 7 that were looking for my kind of people. As I look for work she continues to clean her room and is about finished with it. As we both get done with our tasks we lay on her bed and hang out for a bit.

Now, I've got to say. We are both in really weird moods today. I seem like I do everything wrong and tend to annoy and or bother her. She on the other hand I see getting ticked off from everything I am doing. I love her to death and I hope we can continue the rest of our day in peace and can spend time with each other, I love spending time with her without any of our electronics get in the way but I understand that she does like to spend time on her laptop, zune, cell and I need to accept that. I guess I'm the type of person that loves to spend time with someone that doesint include electronics. I believe that is not spending time with each other. I need to accept that she wants to be on her laptop, zune, cell ect and need to get overmyself. I love spending time with her, she makes me feel incredible and I know people are upset about us for reasons I wont go into but that is not going to stop it.

We are now sitting infront of our laptops doing our own things. I am trying to get overmyself. She needs to do what she wants, but I would rather spend this time with her in another way, watching a movie, just hanging out talking, going for a walk, ect. But none the less I love her to death and I am trying to work out several different issues I have.

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