Monday, May 10, 2010

The wake of day.

Sitting in my car on a clear day, wondering when she is coming down from her apartment room. Spinning the chamber, looking at the 22. rounds spinning one after another. I take the 22. rounds out of the chamber and start to engrave her name on the 22. rounds one by one.

Staring at her window on the top floor. Wishing she could look out and see my car and have someone notice that I'm alive. I see no sign of life in the window to her apartment. Maybe it was because the thoughts I was having was actually are real.

As I wiped the blood off my hands, put the duck tape in the back seat and the looked around me making sure no one just saw.

I started to cry, knowing what I just did made me loathsome. I made her mine for eternity. As I wiped my tears with a piece of her shirt that I ripped off in the process of making her mine. I had to go take a double check and make sure there was no life in that room. I got out of my car and ran over to the old rugged apartment building.

I open the door and started to began the journey of darkness climbing up the stairs. I fear that there was life in the room which I can not stop the communication between her and the people that called themselves "City officials" I got to her room and I suddenly got the chills. I can feel the frostbit temperatures from the other side of the door.

I feared for my life that she was taking slow suffering breaths. I opened the door to make sure there was no breaths for her to take anymore. As I saw the blood trail I left from the first time I was here. I went into the door where I saw her body crucified to her wall. Blood was dripping from the walls, I was pleased of what I have done now. There was no more breaths to take and my paranoia was gone. Looking at her lifeless body tacked to the wall like a piece of artwork of mine. As I press my cheek up to her stomach I listen for any life left in her. After seconds I did not hear anything that I need to worry about. I pull out my digital camera and take a snap shot of the masterpiece. I leave a note at the bottom of her feet that said "God please forgive me"

I left the building knowing that she will be mine for eternity, with a smile on my face I started to whistle and acted like nothing had happen. There was a kid on the park bench beside my car and watched the whole thing. He asked what have I done. I answered with "I made something beautiful, this is art."

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